Flydive Hose Kit Assembly

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The X-Board™ Hose Kit features a quick release hose bearing at the rider’s end. This bearing serves two purposes: first, it allows the X-Board™ flyer to spin freely without twisting up the hose, and second, it allows quick and easy attachment and release of the hose to and from the X-Board™. This hose bearing has a self flushing feature which allows a small amount of water to flow through and flush contaminants (sand, dried salt, etc) out of the ball bearing system.

The TSR clamp and tether comes pre-installed on the hose. It attaches the hose to the front of the Personal Water Craft at the towing eye. This allows for the hose to guide the PWC from the front while riding the X-Board™. Additionally, the tether has been designed to prevent damage to the PWC pump assembly by transferring the “tug forces” of the hose/flyer to the PWC towing eye, rather than back to the u-bend and pump assembly.

Hose Kit and U-Bend Kit features:

  • All metal parts: Aluminum, finished with top of the line Type III "hard coat" black anodize
  • All screws, nuts, and bolts: marine grade stainless steel
  • 112mm diameter, Urethane liner bonded to a polyester jacket and outside fibers treated with a blue urethane protective treatment
  • Quick Disconnect hose bearing features rollers to enable hose rotation at any angle
  • TSR system isolates PWC pump from the "Tug" forces of the hose from the rider, and keeps PWC tracking straight behind hose

    Universal Adapter Plate

    • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6 (aircraft grade) NOT CAST
    • PWC specific hardware for smooth and easy U-Bend attachment

    Hose Assembly Kit Includes the following items:

    • Main Flight Hose length, 65 feet
    • Hose Bearing Subassembly
    • U-Bend Subassembly
    • Saddle Clamp Subassembly
    • Tether Strain Relief Assembly
    • Bolt and Adapter Kit (Specify PWC type)
    • Owners Manual and Tool Kit