a. X-Jets Jetblade Daytona 110mm Hose

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X-Jets Jetblade Daytona 110mm Hose. 110mm inside diameter smooth bore inside and out for the lowest drag in the water and the smoothest fastest flow on the inside. Polyurethane coated inside and out for wear resistance and strength. Outside laminated covering prevents fiber abrasion, mold in the fabric, water soak, and coral rips. Triplex weave polyester high tensile strength custom woven sock for durability. The Daytona 110 Hose is available in 20 meters (66 feet)  long and features a cream colored outer jacket with distinctive X-Jets orange logo and twin black stripes the entire length of the hose. This is the ultimate replacement hose for all Hydroflight devices that operate with a 110mm Hose and it's an excellent choice for Pro-Riders looking for extreme performance, durability and a lighter weight Hose option.